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ECT-210699 Cannot Sync Job Info Supervisor Position to Employee Position


With H1'2023 release ECT-210699 removed the ability to sync the Supervisior's position from Job Information to the Employee's Position > Higher Level Manager Position using a Business Rule.  We had this condition defined on a Business Rule because in our organization we use 1:1 relationships between Position and Employee so the Supervisor (Position) on the Employee's Job Info Profile, should always be the Position assigned to the Higher Level Position on the Employee's Position. 

We did this because using the Move currently assigned Position below new Manager's position would ONLY change the Manager on the Employee's position, and not change any other attributes that might have been updated during the same transaction.  This causes the user to have to execute two transactions: One to update the manager and move the position, and another to update the additional Job Attributes that might have changed.  Using the Business Rule to sync the Job Information Supervisor Position to the Employee Position removed the necessity of having to execute two transactions. 

Do you have a suggestion for how you think that the issue can be addressed?

Bring the ability to sync the Job Information Supervisor Position to the Employee Position back - return the ability to use the Higher Level Position in the THEN Statements of Business Rules.


Develop functionality that will allow all Job Info changes to be updated, even if a Manager Change is included, on the employee's position so the user does not have to execute two transactions. 

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We have the same issue. For now we are planning on manually updating Positions at the end of the workflow, but it's not a great solution...
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We are also planning to address in the workflow by having the Org Design Experts update the positions - but it will be adding more to their workload. Not very pleased by this change.
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Vote here on the Improvement Request: Improvement Request Details - Customer Influence (
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Hi @SteveMontanye - please can you send the link for the improvement request?
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Active Participant

Hi Biswa

Please check the number ranges are setup properly

If system is getting hang when some one try to book via portal or you try to book a participant via LSO_PSV1 this mean number ranges are missing.

check transaction


Object : LSO_CRP

Under Ranges

Number Length Domain : NUMC10

% Warning : 1.0

To - Year Flag : Uncheck

No rolling : Uncheck

Under Customizing :

Buffering : Main Memory Buffer

No. of Numbers in Buffer : 10

Click on Ranges on Top Menu Bar


No = 01

From No. = 0000000001

To Number = 9999999999

Please let me know if that works for you


Former Member
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Hi Syed,

Thanks for your reply. All the above configurations are maintained but still Booking is not possible.

In this project we have also implemented E-Recruitment and we have used the same number range for Object : RP_PLAN under $$$$.

Can you please suggest whether it is the reason for booking not possible since the same number range is being used ?

Waiting for your reply

Thanks and Regards


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Hi, thank you so much for your answer and also for you who asked this question. It just helped me to solve my issues in prebook/booking courses in SAP LSO. Thank you so much!