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ECP PCC Alerts not

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Hi All,

I am new to PCC.

We currently have an issue. Validation rules are executed, however nothing is displayed in Alerts when there is valid data to trigger alert.

Details : PCC is configured in ECP and processed from SF.

We have one "Manage Policy" which is assigned to both Weekly and Monthly Processes. We want to have different $ value check for Gross, Cash and Retro, So we have copy created validation rules for weekly and created a new weekly policy and assigned it to weekly processes. no change to monthly processes.

Once these changes are done, future recurrences from PCC have been removed and added to reflect the change. When initiate policies are executed, we can see system is processing newly setup validation rules, however no Alerts are produced. But there is data which should give alerts when compared to wage type report.

Can anyone see what is wrong and what can be done.

Thank you


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Hello colleague, you had luck resolving the issue of your validations in PCC?, I have the same problem, I am just learning PCC and I generated my validation but it does not filter the data in the monitoring stage, it shows me all my employee numbers without filtering For those who do not have an address in infotype 0006, do you know if the validations are done through ABAP? If so, do you know if any changes have to be made in the guideline or monitoring initiation stage or is it only programmed within the validation?

Greetings and I hope you can guide me with information.