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EC Time Sheet - How to stop breaks outside of working hours

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Hi experts,

We are implementing SuccessFactors EC Time Sheet (not Time Tracking) and have a requirement to stop employees entering breaks outside of the working hours. e.g. due to input error, someone enters 2am for 30 min break instead of 2pm. 

Is there a simple way to prevent this? Or if anyone has used rule to prevent this or similar that they could share, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks! Liam

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Liam,

first: go to Time Tracking, this makes your life in future much more easier and employee experience and satisfaction with the time sheet bigger !

second: there might be a way. Use the "compare threshold with comparison group and route input" valuation type. Your break records as input time type groups, planned working time as comparison group. (or maybe vice versa, try it out, I´ll always mix it up). With this you can check if the breaks are inside or outside planned time. And then you can raise an error.

If you need to learn more on the valuation types, check out this blog from my colleague Timo Biedenbender:

How to setup Time Evaluation in Time Tracking - SAP Community

Best regards

Volker Ruof

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Hi Volker - thanks for the advice and the link to the excellent Blog! I haven't solved the problem yet, but this has given me a much better understanding. Thanks!