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E-Recruiting question status

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I'm having problems getting my questions to change status in e-recruiting. I am using a separate frontend/backend system with a standalone scenario. I followed

I activated BAdi HRHAP00_FOLLOW_UP_SE and added it in OOHAP_BASIC and then in PHAP_CATALOG I selected the enhancement. I then re-implemented SAP Note 1301016 but I still have the same problem. In SLG1 I keep getting the same error as before. When I save in status released it says "Data was saved successfully" but the question remains in status "Draft."  In the webdynpro for questionnaires it creates a 2 new templates titled "New Template for Questionnaires" in status draft (both for internal and external use) with the question assigned to it.

In SLG1 I have the following errors:

The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_QA_QUESTION==========CM00M line 48

Column FPER does not exist

The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_QA_ELEMENT===========CM00E line 78

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Fixed the problem - in OOHAP_BASIC I added columns MAND and FPER manually and then in PHAP_CATALOG in Evaluable Information in tab columns I selected the 2 columns. No more errors, and the questions and questionnaires can be released.

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