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Direct link to a SAP Enable Now Glossary

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Is there a way to get a Direct link to a SAP Enable Now Glossary so it can be accessed directly.  If i obtain the published Glossary object URL it does not take me to the Glossary directly which would then present the content.  
In the attached image called Glossary-Directlink.png,  is there a way to obtain a direct link and go to the Glossary directly?

Additional Info.
I followed Shane guidance in the response below and these were my findings.
The StartLink would present this content. However, it did not display the Glossary Item Content


To see the Glossary items i had to select the option located on the Drop-down menu located in the top left.  In doing so I would see the Glossary items.


The reason for this Question was to see if there was a way i could have a link direct to the Glossary terms in any location i needed it present i.e. SAP Companion link, Book Pages etc.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Andrew,

Yes, it is definitely possible to access the Glossary directly from Enable Now Manager.  To do this:

1. Open Manager and click on the highest level folder in the Glossary structure, e.g. it might to called SAP Glossary or something Similar
2. Publish the Glossary content - click the down arrow next to More and select Publish All Objects
3. Click the down arrow next to All Content, in the top, right corner, and select Published
4. When the screen redisplays, click on the highest level folder for the Glossary content again
5. Copy the Start Link URL and that can be used to start the Glossary directly.  When you run that URL in a browser you should seen something like the following image

SEN Glossary.png


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Hello Shane, i had added some imagery in the Question element, which details the outcome of undertaking your guidance. In my case, I could only see the Glossary terms IF i click on the Menu option "Glossary". regards Andrew