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Demo mode link appears as a tiny dot in SEN book page

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Hi guys,

When I try to insert a Demo Mode Link in a book page, it appears as a red colored tiny dot. I also tried to increase its width and height in Playback settings -> Book Page Fallback Defaults -> Link Buttons -> Demo Mode Link. It is uneditable. Refer below screenshot.


I created a new book page and I can see the Demo Mode Link button. But in this specific book page, we are unable to see it.

Any suggestions please...

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Did you check the Design category of the link properties? Is the book style of the page the same as the style on the page where it does work?
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Mani,

I don't think that it is possible to modify those settings because you are not meant to modify the corresponding images.  I suspect that the red dot that you show in the image is actually a marker to indicate that the image that should be shown cannot be found.  Has anyone been customizing the standard playback images?  In not, please raise a ticket using the Component ID KM-SEN-PRO and get support involved.