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Delete Assignment Type No Longer in Use

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We need to delete an assignment type no longer in use, but we receive cannot be removed because it is in use even though it isn't.

Any ideas on what we can do?

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Because after editing the article and unlinking it with the assignment type, it still doesn't allow deleting the assignment type?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Patricia,

an assignment type in the LMS has two main functions. One, it determines if the training is optional or required and second it allows you to report on the different assignment types. Assignment types are in general quite static and don't change often.

The basic rule, any references or entities which were at least one time used in the system will not be able to be deleted anymore. The reason behind this is that there was already a cross-reference made in the database with this reference and for audit/reporting, data integrate, purpose, the reference needs to remain in the system.

If you have assigned an item with the assignment type or you have recorded a learning event with this assignment type, you will no longer be able to delete it. My recommendation - update the description of the no longer needed assignment type to [DO NOT USE] ...... In this way the administrator will know not use this assignment type anymore.



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