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Custom notification ( Web and email ) related query

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Hi Team,

Can a custom notification ( email or web notification be triggered ) to review goals when employee changes department, Business unit, or when employee's manager change. I understand through KBA that a web notification can be triggered when employee changes department to review the goals and we have enabled the goal management module related notification on user department change in "Notification configuration" admin page but issue is that even if the employee changes department, no web notification related to goal review is triggered to employee in homepage.

Kindly guide how we can enable the web notification to review the goals also is it possible to trigger custom email notification for employees to review the goals, if employee changes department, division or Business unit?

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 Here is how I set up a  Manager email and to-do alert for a new hire to review goals.


Step 1 - Define Alert  

 Admin Tools-> Manage Data>Alert Message>Take Action>Create.New>Alert Message



Production Setup

Name and External Code

Goal Alert New Hire

External Code : Goal_Alert_New Hire

Localized Header:  

Text displayed on Take Action Card

Reminder: Ensure [[SUBJECT_USER]] has Performance and Development Goals entered into Talent Source within their first 30 days

Localized Dexription

(Text displayed when user clicks on Take Action Card)

Click Here to navigate to  <a href="">Performance and Development Go...



Step 2 - Create a Workflow NH GOAL WK

 Admin Tools-> Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structures >Create New> Workflow or Selection Search

 Define the To-Do and Emails notifications receivers

In this step, you create a workflow for defining the To-Do and email recipients.

  • Approvers receive a To Do Alert. 

    Production Workflow


    • To-do tasks do not support workflow CC's, only email alerts do, so if you'd like to get a copy of them, you must create a group for you under Admin Center > Manage Workflow Groups > Create New Group and add it as one of the workflow approvers: 



      Step 3 Define Business Rules for Alerts/Notifications

       Admin Tools-> Configure Business Rules

      Create the backbone of the Alert and notifications services,The business rules to define the checks based on which Alerts/Notifications will be triggered.

      Here we use:


      • Select the Alert message for this scenario: Goal Alerts
      •  the workflow information defined in step 3 (Goal_Alert)  to define the recipients, 



        • set the effective date on which alerts/notifications will be sent equal to “Today()”










          Step 4:  Add the business Rules created to HRIS Element in SDM

          Here we assign the business rule to the corresponding HRIS element the field is related to, for which we are creating the Alerts/Notifications.
          1. Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration > jobInfo element > Rule Type = saveAlert. 

          1. Add the rule to the ‘jobInfo’ HRIS element























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