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Custom Data Collection For Hiring Manager

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We need to configure a Custom Data Collection step for the Hiring Manager that does not form part of the Custom Data Collection performed by the candidate. This data will be used to trigger a form for the Candidate to complete.

Example: Will this EE require a gas card? = Yes will be the trigger to populate a Gas Card Usage Agreement form.

Is this supported?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi fransv - The only way a custom data collection step (using custom MDF Objects) can be accessed by a hiring manager to update or modify is by providing access to complete the step on behalf of the onboardee.

An upcoming enhancement may provide this kind of setup requirement but I am not sure yet exactly how it will work - custom tasks.

But, I believe you can leverage using the Review New Hire Data step for your requirement. The need for triggering the Gas Card Usage Agreement form can be identified before the custom data collection right? If yes, then you can use a custom HRIS Field for this.

I hope this info can help on your requirement.

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