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Custom CC Workflow Email Notification



We configured a custom workflow email notification to be sent on new hire, it worked well in QAS yet in production (no difference in terms configuration, locale etc) we still get the standard one. We have checked all the KBAs, raised a ticket on launchpad too, but couldnt find any solution.

We saw a similar post in the community, according to that post changing the order of the business rules would work, yet it did not work. Anyone has ever experienced this before? Thanks,

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Hi Sinan,

I have previously encountered an issue where when the custom email included previous/new value tokens, that if there was more than one action on the same day, the system would send the default email instead of the custom email. That resulted in users sometimes getting the custom email template and sometimes the standard email template for the same workflow.

I would suggest taking a look at the tokens being used in the custom template and if the employee has more than one action on the effective date.

Best regards,


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I would like to bring to your attention that we have discovered missing RBP permissions for the group responsible for triggering this email.. Please refer to the attached screenshot for details.

2023-03-08 09_39_19-Window.png

Usually all document generation related objects are pre-delivered as "Non-Secured". To access these objects, the permission role "Metadata Framework -> Access to non-secured objects" must be granted.

However, in our situation, the objects have been marked as "Secured" in the "Configure Object Definition" screen. Therefore, miscellaneous permissions needed to be granted in order to access them.

Thanks, regards,