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Critical Discussion - HCM Payroll Cancellation for Oct. and Run from Nov. As New Go Live Date

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Dear HCM - WFS Folks,

We are running HCM including payroll ECP and WFS with finance funds management

We are in situation which needs your help to take the discussion , Plz go through the following case :

We went live in Oct.2020 as HCM and WFS. but due to the differences between the output from SAP and Current legacy system and after many attempts from HR Team still there is differences, This due to the retroactive posting related to the employees in Sept. Period , The HR team create new wage type to consider this such as absence , .... the difference manly came from this wage type ..

Now we are in situation we must run the payroll in Nov.2020 by tomorrow maximum however Oct. period is not yet posted ..

Now i need your advise about the situation and about the following discussion to rectify the situation :

Cancel payroll posting for Oct. HR and FI Impact.

Delete payroll result for Oct. Month.

Start running the payroll for Nov. month as first month of go live as long as the HR fix most of the issues !

Posting of manual entries in FI for October period depending on legacy system.

Plz note that we will not touch the WFS and we will keep the data related to October month to avoid impacting the area ..

Can you plz help us to take the right discussion considering we must run the payroll for November tomorrow ..

I am sorry for the long message but i am trying to explain the current situation..

Your support will be highlight appreciated.


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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Ideally if the payment to employee is made then please dont reverse finance posting or delete payroll result as if you run oct live again then it the payment already made wont match. Better handle the retro impact in November if not directly then through new retro deduction/earning custom WTs to handle this.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If you have not posted to FI< Payroll can be reversed, however if there are changes, there can be retro anyways which can be fixed in the current month

Typically We recommend any deletion to be backed in case of any issues can be restored.