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Creating performance form in other languages

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Morning all

Currently we have a PMGM form for Australia and we would like to create identical performance form but in French.

Do we update content of the form in Manage templates-add translations to each section, rating scales and route map? Does the user need to change language to view the translated content?

Is there a possibility of creating a new template for the same period with default langauge as French?


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Answers (1)

If language is enabled throughout the instance, it's not hard. Else you need to first get French enabled in your instance and may be a bit more work. For that reference:

2576325 - Enable a New Language Pack in SuccessFactors
For the template, and route map, just look for "Add More +" buttons where you can add translations into the various languages. You will have to do that in 3 sections, rating scales, manage templates, and manage route maps.
System is going to display the user language based off of what is set in the user data file for them. If you have multiple languages in the instance, users can change them under their user settings and you usually setup defaults based off EC things. 

Hope that helps.