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Course Assignement for New Hires

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i am trying to assign new hires a course 30 days after their hire date. we do not want the learning to be assigned at all until after 30 days. i have tried the curricula and choosing assignements by the due date but the course still shows on their plan just due in 30 days. Is it a way not to have it on their learning plan at all until 30 days after their new hire date?

i set up an AP, added the course to a currcula, set up the initial basis 30 days after hire date. 

My guess is this is not possible or we will have to keep track of hire dates and assign  the course via AP.

thanks in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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There are no options in the Assignment Profile rules to "assign X days after hire date". One option you could do is to create the Assignment Profile and when you schedule the job to execute the changes, you can set the job to be scheduled in 30 days. Once the job runs, it will assign to all users that would meet the rules criteria. It's not a great workaround but an option you can explore. You can vote on this enhancement as it's similar to your ask.


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To be honest, this "Assign X days after Hire Date or Completion of X Course" is really one of the most wanted functions from our clients. We had to plan a few workarounds about due dates, and notifications etc.

Would be good to see this enhancement go through within more recent releases.