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Compensation & Variable pay - have the budget box show when leaders make entries

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Right now you can't have the budget window open and edit the compensation worksheet to add in raises for your team at the same time. You have to close the budget then enter a raise for your team member then open the budget again to see what you have left. 

are we missing anything?  If not I added this enhancment request  #313341 will this be addressed in a future UI update? 

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Hi @Jen_Cooper 

We too observed this behavior after 2H 2023 release and raised an incident with SF and they confirmed that a patch will be applied on 11th Dec in Preview and 14th Dec in Production.

Hope this helps!



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Thanks Balaji, yes I was going to say: this is not normal. There is an enhancement request pending to allow for planners to see the budget popped out upon opening of the worksheet and while they plan for recommendations without having to click on it. All the best, Xavier