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Combine "Direct Link" and syntax-tag in Notification

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Dear All,

in our registration notification we want to provide a link to the registration. It should be simple for the user to review the registration and maybe cancel or update a special request.

We can use a deep link to the class details for this. This works really fine with "CourseHome" - the learner immediately comes to a page where can withdraw from the training.

But a deep link to "Class Details" requires the specific class id. We do not want to create this link again and again for every classroom training. We want to build a generic link.

So we want to replace the specific class id in the direct link with the syntax tag class id (SCHD_ID). We tried in different ways, but to no success.

Does anyone here have a solution for this? We would be very happy!

Brgds., Uwe

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Hi @UweStieglitz ,

Maybe you want to try this direct link


you can place it under some text "Registrations"

then the user is taken to the learning plan where the Registrations will be pre-filtered



Not sure if it helps!

Best regards,



Hi Mircea, thanks, yes that would be a workaround, if I do not get the other link working. I still would prefer to have a direct link to the class details of the current, specific class of the registration notification. But anyhow - thanks a lot for your support! Uwe