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Collection Filters behaviour when adding more than one "where" entry

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Hi Team,

I fell in love with the collection Filters type of rules as it acts only if it finds the pay component among the list of recurring payments.

The rule was working perfectly when i just added 1 pay component to the rule "1015 plus ad personam". The rule created what i wanted just if the ad personam component existed previously. Then i wanted to do the same with 2 pay components, trying to get the following result "either if you detect the pay component 1016 or the 1026, then act"

so i wrote this in the rule

The pitty now is that is not acting as expected and the rule log is comparing the 1015 with all the pay components existing in the porlet, but is not comparing the 1026 one by one as the former.

Moreover, the rule log says this:

the expression 'jobInfoModel.employmentInfoModel.payComponentRecurring(#pay_component, ==, 1015, pay_component, ==, 1026#)[0].pay_component' is considered to be NULL.

Do you know what i am telling to the system to do if i create a rule like this?

When i look for it in the manual i find examples with just one pay component in the collection filter but not 2 so i don´t have an official reference. i.e:

But then why does it let you choose more than one "where" entry?


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