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Change Item Description for large Number of Items in OneStep?

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Dear All,

Is there an possibility to upate 600 items in one step? We have E-Learnings from one supplier were the 

Item Description has to be changed. Is there an opportunity to do this in one step?

Thanks in advance,


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@jennineuroth, if your company has not yet implemented the item connector, or if perhaps your system has been configured for it but you are not actively using it yet, then I would strongly recommend you engage an implementation partner to help you get started using the item connector. But if your company is already using the item connector, you should be able to manually create an item connector file, upload it to your Learning SFTP site, and manually execute the item connector to process the file.

When I need to perform the task that you have described, these are the steps I follow:
1. Temporarily set your Admin Locale Preferences to reflect a Date Format of MON-DD-YYYY and a Time Format of in 24-hour time that includes the seconds value. Set your Admin Preferred Time Zone to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view your items in search results or in report results, they should show a Rev Date in the format MAY-10-2023 13:15:26 UTC. If you do not have a Date Format or Time Format enabled that reflects those exact formats, you should engage an implementation partner or SAP Support for assistance before you begin.
2. Generate a list of the items that you want to update. Recommend either a report like Item List CSV, Item Data CSV, or an item search results list that is downloaded to Excel.
3. Create an Excel spreadsheet containing the fields listed below, at minimum. Use the field ID in parentheses as the actual header name. Include these fields at minimum: Item ID (CPNT_ID), Item Type ID (CPNT_TYP_ID), Revision Date in the date/time format above and UTC time zone (REV_DTE), Domain ID (DMN_ID), Item Title [optional but recommended] (CPNT_TITLE), and Item Description (either CPNT_DESC or
HTML_ CPNT_DESC).  As the last column header, enter the row delimiter character defined in your CONNECTOR configuration file. My company uses !##! as the row delimiter.
4. Populate the data into the spreadsheet. If your Item Descriptions contain only unformatted text, you can use the CPNT_DESC header. Be very sure your unformatted text descriptions do not contain line breaks, double quote marks, the pipe symbol, or special symbols like the trademark, copyright, or registration mark symbols. If you are copying text out of Microsoft Word or an email, or from a PDF, I recommend pasting the text into a plain text editor like Notepad to avoid copying over a line break or hidden special character. If you intend to use HTML formatting in your item description, use the HTML_CPNT_DESC header instead. This field allows adding an HTML version of the item description to the item. Please avoid single or double quotation marks, or use &quote; instead of the double quotation special character. Table formatting is not supported. Lastly, populate your row delimiter symbol in the last column of each data row.
5. When your connector spreadsheet is complete, change your default list separator to the list separator defined in your CONNECTOR configuration file. We use the | (pipe) symbol. On a Windows computer, you can change the list separator under the Control Panel > Region menu.
6. Save your spreadsheet in CSV UTF-8 format using the filename of item_data_yourcompanyid.csv.
7. Change the file extension from .csv to the required file extension as defined your CONNECTOR configuration file. We use .txt, so our item connector file would be item_data_ourcompanyid.txt
8. Upload the file to the SFTP location specified in your CONNECTOR configuration file.
9. In the Learning module, go to System Admin > Connectors > Item Connector to schedule the system to pick up and process your file.

The first time using the item connector is the hardest, and troubleshooting errors can make you crazy. But once you figure it out, the item connector can be a useful tool when you need to make updates to a large number of items at once.

Good luck!
Mary Katherine

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Hi @jennineuroth ,

You can use the item connector to update the Item descriptions.

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Balaji Ponnam