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Can we restrict a Manager's Access to Team Members' Learning History

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Dear All,

We would like our managers to see their team's learning plans, curriculum status etc, but we do not want them to see the learning history. Sounds simple, but is not. Permissions don't seem to be detailed enought for this.

Do I miss something? Does anyone have a solution or workaround here?

Brgds., Uwe

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@UweStieglitz , I looked at the permissions in the My Team section of our DEFAULT USER role, and it seems that you would need to remove "Access Direct Reports" to prevent the manager from seeing the learning history for their direct reports. But then that would also remove their ability to see the Learning Plans of their direct reports also, which does not meet your need. You have a tough business case there. You might be able to restrict the manager's ability to include their direct or indirect reports in a Learning History report (by creating a custom report of the user version of that report), but they would still be able to see the information through the UI. I don't see any way to accomplish what you have been asked to do.

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