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Can we assign two matrix manager to a single employee in system

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Hi Community,

One of my customer has this following ask.

Can we assign two matrix manager to a single employee in system. For example- now we only can assign one matrix manager to a employee so in system he will get shown as dotted line manager for the employee in system. Can we assign two dotted line manager?


Please let us know the feasibility.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes, a person can have multiple matrix managers in the system.

As described on KBA 2087496 - Data Imports & Exports: Matrix Manager and Custom Manager Roles - Platform - SAP for Me:

Matrix Manager (EX) role

This role is for when a person has a dotted line relationship to the manager.
It is often used to represent the employee reports to a manager other than their direct manager for a special project or business need for a period of time.

  • The role code for matrix manager is EX.
  • EX can be used in route maps to ensure the form is routed to the persons matrix manager.
    Note, if you have multiple managers listed then it goes to the first Manager added to the employee profile. If you want it to apply to all all matrix managers then use EP.
  • Matrix Managers are set in the system by importing the USERID in the column MATRIX_MANAGER.
  • A person may have multiple matrix managers if working on many projects for examples. In your import file, in the MATRIX_MANAGER column enter USERID's separated with the pipe. 10001|10002|10003.
  • Each userID's length cannot exceed 100 characters but there's NO limitation in terms of number of matrix managers an employee can have & number of matrix reports a manager can have.

I hope it helps 🙂