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Can SuccessFactors Temporary Time Info replicate Substitution Type (PA2003-VTART) to EC Payroll?

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I can see from previous implementation experience that SuccessFactors Time Management is able to replicate Temporary Time Info to EC Payroll Infotype 2003 (Substitutions) using one and only one substitution type which can be mapped as per the screenshot below.

This limits how we can replicate EC Time Data to EC Payroll using all the available values for Substitution types (PA2003-VTART), e.g. 02 Shift Subsitution, RH (Remove Holiday), CH (Create Holiday).

Is adding this attribute to the Temporary Time Info MDF object in the roadmap for SF Time?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Narayan,

currently we don´t have temporary time information types. In the longterm we will have this. However, even the substitution types in IT2003 you mentioning are not existing by standard - they are pure configuration - like your example of removing or creating a public holiday. This option is for example planned for the near term future in EC Time via an enhancement in our temporary time information- and then you don´t need a specific substitution type for it in IT2003.

Best regards