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Can Resume be added to a data capture form

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We are working with a client that has operations in countries that use languages (Estonian and Latvian) that aren't covered by SF's standard languages. Consequently, we are hoping to use Data Capture Forms to leverage the ability to have a country/branded sites in RMK to guide candidates through the candidate profile creation experience using data capture forms labeled in a way that eases the experience.

Currently we can see all but one of our required candidate profile fields.

We would like to include the resume field as this will then allow for the candidate to have "complete" candidate profile in RCM although they don't go through the CAS process to create such. If a candidate is then invited to apply...they will have almost no clicks to submit the application.

Has anyone been able to include the resume field as a (Profile) type capture field?

Do you know of a way to add such that lands the resume in its proper place on the CPT?

Anyone have experience or advice here.Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

Yes we can add resume as a part of data capture form.