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BOE 4.3 SP4 we need to find the exact location of a specific historical instance in the Output FRS

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We are in the middle of a migration to new cluster setup.  We need to find the exact location within the Output FRS for a historical instance of a report.  We need this to verify it has been successfully migrated over from our old BOE Output FRS to the new Output FRS.  

In older versions of BOE, you could find the path if you looked at the Instance Details in Instance Manager.  However that path is no longer there. 

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If you just want to verify that the instance was migrated, why not just open it in Launchpad or CMC?  But if you really do need to find the file in the FRS, you can use a CMS query:

select si_name,si_update_ts,si_files from ci_infoobjects where  si_schedule_status = 1 and si_parentid = xxx

Replace xxx with the si_id of the parent report.  This will give you a list of all of the successful scheduled instances of the report -- just find the one that aligns to the date/time of the one you're looking for.

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Joe, we discovered we couldn't open more than 1/2 our historical instances in CMC or Launch Pad. Thank you for the reply.