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BOE 4.3 SP4 we need to find the exact location of a specific historical instance in the Output FRS

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We are in the middle of a migration to new cluster setup.  We need to find the exact location within the Output FRS for a historical instance of a report.  We need this to verify it has been successfully migrated over from our old BOE Output FRS to the new Output FRS.  

In older versions of BOE, you could find the path if you looked at the Instance Details in Instance Manager.  However that path is no longer there. 

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Have you tried the AdminTool and query the infostore for the instances? IMHO you can do this at that level, if you don't need the information in a pretty printed report.

I don't have the proper query for you by hand, but this is a good starter to work on this: BusinessObjects Query builder queries - SAP Community

HTH BR Bernhard

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Thank you Bernhard for your response. I did end up using Query Builder and found that the majority of our historical instances were not on the output FRS.