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BIB- Define Template Group to be Used for Employee Data Replication from EC

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Hi Experts,

Could you please help me understand the relevance of configuration step "Define Template Group to be Used for Employee Data Replication from EC" view V_ECPAO_TSET_IN. I am in need of selecting 3 template groups in this step. However i am unable to do so as configuration restricts me to one template group.

Does this mean that the template group checked/selected in view V_ECPAO_TSET_IN can only to be used in employee replication query ECPAO_EE_ORG_REPL_QUERY which would allow replication in only one of my environment ?

Refereed to the documentation but did not find anything on this particular step also document against the spro node is also not clear to me.

My scenario is as below for employee & Org Assignment replication and Org object replication.

1. EC Dev replicates to ECC Dev

2. EC QA replicates to ECC QA

3. EC Prod replicates to ECC Prod

I have configured three instance ID's in BIB that represents each EC Instances.

Created three template groups that has their own FTSD, and are assigned to each of instance ID's.

Environment Instance Template Group FTSD Select Temp group in query ECPAO_EE_ORG_REPL_QUERY

Dev Dev_Instance Dev_tempGroup 01.09.2019 "Dev_tempGroup" for EC Dev to ECC Dev replication
QA QA_Instance QA_tempGroup 01.12.2019 "QA_tempGroup" for EC QA to ECC QA replication
Prod Pro_Instance Pro_temGroup 01.02.2020 “Pro_temGroup” for EC pro to ECC pro replication.

How do i make sure that all three environments are working and replication happens in each environment simultaneously.



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Hello Sunil,

Are all the 3 environments on the same transport layer? if yes, then you would need only two template groups to be created. One for Employee Data and the other one for Generic Org data. The workbench request and the customizing request can then be moved to the other environment.

If all the 3 template groups have different FTSD, then you would need to configure BIB in all the 3 environments.

Hope this helps.