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Best practice - Employee Profile vs Candidate Profile updates


Hi all, As employee, one can maintain their name, address, background elements such as education, certifications etc. in Employee Profile (EP), and/or in their (internal) Candidate Profile. It is possible to make both EP and Candidate Profile to be editable, and sync between the two. What is the best practice -

(1) Allowing employee to pick and choose where they want to update their attributes, i.e. either in EP or Candidate Profile. This allows flexibility that employees can update anywhere but can be confusing to explain when one should update in EP vs Candidate Profile, though the information will be in-sync.


(2) Allow employee to update only in EP, then sync to Candidate Profile (one-way) and those attributes that are sync over to Candidate Profile are made read-only. In this case, communication is easier as the single source of update is always at EC / EP.

Can someone share their experiences and best practice - Is it (1) or (2) ? Thank you.


Kir Chern

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As almost a year has passed since your post, I was wondering if you have any recommendations now?
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi kirchernloh

I would recommend option 2 to allow employees to update their information in EP, and decide which fields should be set for syncing (sm-mapping) automatically to Internal candidate profile. In general, recommendation is to display Internal emplyment history as read only under Internal candidate profile. Same would apply to e.g. email address (company maintained) or career level - these records should be under HR department control. Other fields/elements like Country or Phone or Languages can be left outside of sync and be editable under Internal candidate profile.

Regards, Piotr

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