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Are you happy with this new community format ? (as I am not)

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I was quite regularly following posts on the previous SF community. I am managing the Learning, Performance and Talent modules in my company.

There used to be 5 to 10 topics per week in the old format, and it was rather easy to find posts related to my interest.

In the new format, we have (for my topics of interest) dropped to 4 posts per month, Quite a dramatic drop. Or maybe I don't find those that are relevant.

Anyway, I don't come back to read and answer questions of peers. And I am not motivated also to post, as there are no responses to recent posts.

So, fellow SF clients, are you happy with it ?



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Hi Kris

I completely agree. It is hard to navigate around all the boards. I never know which one to post in and am lucky to get 1 or 2 replies. The old forums were much more interactive and you could actually learn and support others through them. This is lacking now. 

I am subscribed to the notifications for some boards, but the emails often dont make sense with the header being the name of an attachment rather than the original message. 

I have mentioned this to our CSM but he just refers me to the reference material. I hope that SAP have also noticed the drop in interaction and make a change.



I agree. I used to access the old community numerous time a week. I very rarely search the community anymore.  I rely on KBA's to find my answer.  Unfortunately this was not an improvement for collaborating with other SME's. 


Hi. I fully agree with you. It is not useable at all. 



Same feeling here. Not user friendly.

Hi @Kristian_Unell 

I fully agree with you. 

KR Jonas

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I have the same feedback : interaction has dropped dramatically.

i don t know if the requirement of sap universal id was a deterrent for some of the previous member sf community.

The transition was not smooth and you have multiple bookmarks section that make the new community difficult to use.

it’s not thought thru for the different roles who can participates on customer side.

The response time is now in weeks or month when it used to be in days in SF community.