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Activating Help Icon for SAP S4 Fiori

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Hi All,

We have activated SAP Companion configuration for the SAP S4 Fiori target system. As a result, we can see the In-App Help icon (question mark) enabled for Fiori apps. However, for some Fiori apps, we DO NOT see the In-App Help Icon. Any particular reason for this? Does this mean that I need to do SAP Companion configuration at the individual Fiori App level in these cases?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @AngadJadhav ,

The in-app help (SAP Companion) question mark appears when the context help for the application is available. In a scenario, where the customer uses the standard (free) in-app help, SAP Companion checks it on When the customer has the SAP Enable Now system and set it up as a repository for SAP Companion, the framework sends requests to both repositories. If they respond with no content - no question mark icon will appear.
If you want the in-app help icon to stay even when no context help is available, add the noHelpMode=carousel; to the values in the PARAMETERS field of the SAP Companion configuration.