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Activate SAP SuccessFactors SCIM IPS connector for Permission-Based User Sync for Story Reporting

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Hi Everyone,

We were in the process of Story Reports enabling wherein we identified a minor configuration difference from the SAP docs referred. As per SAP doc migrating to permission-based user sync and Implementation Design Principles, in order to enable Story reports, we would need to perform IPS user sync and for the sync activity, it is important to know if our systems are configured with ODATA IPS connector or SCIM IPS connector to synchronize users between SAP SuccessFactors, IAS, and SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. We can  can validate the IPS connector currently in use if is ODATA IPS connector or SCIM IPS connector with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to IPS and click on Source Systems.
  2. Select relevant SuccessFactors source.
  3. Click the Properties pill.
  4. Verify the API version.
  5. If sf.api.version is set to 2, you are using SCIM IPS connector.
  6. If sf.api.version is set to 1, you are using ODATA IPS connector. Please double check the URL
    and you will notice the domain is appended with /odata/

However, on validating the same with our IPS setup, we identified that for our environment Source Systems, the API version field (sf.api.version) is not available in Properties pill. PFA screenshot for reference.

It would be really helpful if anybody could confirm if the API version not being available in IPS source system is going to impact or stand as a blocker for Story Reports enablement and what would be the recommended SAP approach for the Permission-Based User Sync for stories in this particular scenario.

Looking forward to some much helpful responses.
Thanks in advance for your time and support!!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Aesha,

Generally, sf.api.version is set out of the box when the IAS/IPS configuration is done via Upgrade center.

You can share the URL and if the system is set up with something .../odata/ then it relates to sf.api.version 1 i.e. odata set up. However if OData is not in the URL it may relates to SCIM set up. 

Please ensure the transformation template is set accordingly, just changing from Odata to SCIM will not help unless you have the right transformation template specific for SCIM APIs. you can double the transformation for SCIM via theImplementation Design Principles.

For addtional support, you may log a support case and share the system access toso that the team can review and validate the SCIM API version and transformation template and make sure it is accurate.


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