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Account creation Activation emails

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Hi Community, some of our candidates are not receiving their activation emails when they create the profile,  I've checked the candidate status and see they are partly created. I've checked the recruiting email triggers and they are enabled too.

Can you suggest something else to try.

The candidate has confirmed it is not in their junk/spam folder?



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Hi Lyn,

Hope you are well!

Please note that the trigger point for the account creation email trigger is when the candidate clicks on "Create Account" after filling all the fields in the registration page. If email verification is involved, click on the verification link from the email received. You can refer to this KBA with this info: 2516376 - Recruiting Email Triggers Behavior - Trigger Point - Recruiting Management.

If there is still an issue with emails being delivered you can refer to this KBA also: 2087468 - Emails Blocked or Not Delivered Due to Spam Filters, Spoofing, Bombing (mass mail), IP Add.... One solution involves ensuring the correct SF SPF is updated in the customer DNS.

Kind Regards,
SAP Product Support