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Access to competency object via manage data

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Hi experts! I have admin access in our SF instance however I'm unable to save changes to the object "Competancy" via manage data. I can make changes but when I save it says "You do not have permission to change competancy". we have 4 custom competency values created via manage data which I'm trying to edit.



Where do I need to check in RBP?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Shan,
It looks like it is missing permission, Please check if the object is marked as 'Secured=Yes'  In that case Please check "Permission Category" and accordingly grant permission, if this is marked as 'secured='No' then 'Access to non-secured' permission is needed. In the second case very unlikely you will face such issue as there are not separate permission for View/Edit but in case of secured=Yes there are different permissions and user might be missing the 'Edit' permission