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About assigning roles to content objects in SAP Enable Now

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We have created various content objects in SAP Enable Now Workarea. Now, we want to assign custom roles to these content objects. For example, I want to create assignment for the Sourcing Management course folder, as shown in the picture below.

SEN User 02.png

In SEN, I have created two new custom user roles – Test Role A, and Test Role B. As part of course assignment, I want to assign the Sourcing Management folder to these two custom roles only, instead of assigning it to the generic SEN system role as "Learners".

SEN User 01.png

My Question: System allows me to add only one role to the content folder/object. I mean I can select only one role from the left bucket and display it to the right bucket. Any idea how to add multiple custom roles  to the same content object. Please help.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Angad,

You cannot include multiple Roles in a single Assignment so you will have to create a second Assignment record.  You can add multiple Assignment records to the same content object so this will not be an issue.