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360 Evaluation of Competency to PM Form

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Hi All,

I have opened another post in order to describe a need about our client, who wants to implement 360 Reviews. Please refer to this post in order to understand another aspect of their entire requirement, if you want:

Please, take into account that the client wants to implement the 360 feedback not for developmental purpose but as a distinct step in the evaluation process. This is the reason why, thinking on the possibility to have a competency in the traditional PM form, the client would like the assessment of a competency from the 360 form to be reflected in the same competency within a traditional Performance Management form (non-360), where the competency is listed.

For instance, envisioning that in the traditional Performance Management form, the competency is labeled as 'Problem-Solving,' the same competency must be evaluated in a 360-degree manner by selecting specific raters, whose average rating should then feed into the 'Problem-Solving' competency within the classic PM form.

I am aware that currently there is no system-level communication between 360 and Performance Management forms. So I was evaluating The Ask for Feedback/Get Feedback feature as a possible suitable functionality to use only to the classic form to meet this requirement, bypassing the use of the 360. Alternatively, are there any additional workarounds that could achieve this? Do you have suggestions or point of attention?

We suggested to the client to keep the two evaluations separate and to allow the managers to view the results of the 360 form, so they could then manually incorporate it into the competency evaluation in the classic PM form. However, as it involves manual activity and potential errors, the client seeks alternatives to manage a smooth transition between the concept of 360 evaluation and non-360 evaluation.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi @pwc_94 

I already implement this requirement for one of our client, this is possible using CPI integration as below:

The annual PM form will have a separate competency section which is only for reflect the 360 rating result

in the competency library you will create one competency called for ex. (360 evaluation result)

this section will include only that competency as a hard coded on it

you need to make sure that you provide the correct permission for rating this competency as role (*) all, in a specific step

using the CPI it will read the overall form rating from the 360 form, and insert it to the same employee annual PM form for that hard coded item which is linked using competency ID

you have to make sure that using the same rating scale in both forms

attached the files showing the details to apply this.

And BTW I am working on PwC, so if you are too contact me directly if you need more help.