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360 Evaluation - Competency Library

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Dear All,

Our client has a competency model consisting of four macro areas, each of which contains a number of competencies. Each competency, in turn, is assessed through questions verifying its attainment.

Within a 360-degree feedback form, the client would like a route map that allows - as first step - the employee to navigate a kind of "objective library", divided into macro areas, from which to choose only one competency. Upon selecting a competency from this library, the employee should be evaluated solely on that competency by multiple categories of raters, who should provide ratings for the questions associated with each competency.

Regarding the evaluation of the sub-questions associated with each competency, I believe we can work with a competency/behaviors logic and maybe inserting a comment for each behavior, in order to add information in a text form. However, in order to maintain a sort of competency library with these levels (Macro area - Competencies - Associated Behaviors) and allow the employee to choose the competency, how can we proceed? Do you have any workarounds to suggest?

Thanks a lot,

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First question: does your customer have TIH enabled? If yes, is the Growth Portfolio enabled also? If no, have they set a proficiency rating scale yet? 

In the 360 Review forms, it is possible to grant permission for the employee to select which goals and/or competencies to include in the assessment (from the Center of Competencies or TIH), and whether the goals and/or competencies contain a rating + comments, or just a comment section. It's important to note that you cannot configure different options within a single section (for example you cannot have only a rating for one goal, and only a comment for another goal). For goals you need to agree on one unified configuration, and for competencies you can have a different configuration, should the customer prefer it. 

For asking questions, I would suggest setting up a dedicated competency-type section, with only comments (text box) made visible and editable, no ratings. Hope this helps.