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2H-23-New learning experience page-Tiles and pages missing?

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Hi Team,

In the new learning experience there are many tiles standard and custom tiles are missing namely-

1. Curricula tile
2.Learning History tile
3.Links Tile
4.Custom tiles

1.Learning page
2.My Teams page
3.My Classes page

Also any warnings/approvals requests related to courses are not visible in new learning experience how it was visible as part of legacy LMS. Even the curricula status fields rows and columns is not properly visible.

How soon this is going to be fixed in the new learning experience?


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Answers (2)

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Hi @Former Member,

In case you are not ready to turn on the new learning experience, it is advisable to turn it off via System Administration > Application Administration > Integrated Learning Settings as it seems to be automatically turned on by default, is that correct @nehadhawan? Checked over the weekend and glad none of my users has seen it (hopefully). 




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Former Member : Access to all legacy pages on the new learning experience is on our immediate roadmap for 1H 2024. We also have plans to support customization to some extent. 

Regarding warnings, is there a specific warning you are referring to?