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2H 2023 SuccessFactors Learning - What does the iContent folder access change do in practical terms?

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There is a new configuration setting for iContent folder access in the 2H 2023 release that is defined as follows:

We've added a configuration setting that controls user access to specified files within iContent folders.

Administrators can use the iContentGeneralAccessFolders setting in the WEB_SECURITY configuration file ( Learning Administration > System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration ) to define any files within iContent folders intended for general access.

This setting helps administrators easily manage user access to shared resources within iContent folders.

The configuration settings for this are defined alongside like this:

  • This setting is only applicable when the enableIContentSpecificAccessFolderRestriction setting is true.
  • The value for this setting is empty by default. To define multiple folder paths, separate each complete folder path with a comma.


  • The description talks about "general access". The setting suggests it can be true or false, but then suggests it is either blank or a comma separated list of folder paths, which seems to be a contradiction in definition. 
  • There is nothing in the what's new information to indicate if the paths are defined as absolute, or relative to a particular folder - but the "Managing SAP SuccessFactors Learning for Administrators" documentation notes it must start with a forward slash ... is that a relative path or a Unix-style root folder as one might expect on an SFTP server like iContent?
  • There is no mention of accounts/roles/groups or assignment of permissions.

Seemingly there is something that is on or off and applies to an unspecified population beyond 'users'. There is no indication of how this presents to administrators or users when applied - circumstances, what is seen, etc.

On the 2H 2023 Q&A session for SuccessFactors Learning, could we get some additional detail on this feature so we can determine if and when it might be of use to us?


  1. An example scenario where we might wish to enable this and the benefits it brings through that.
  2. An example configuration we might use for the scenario.
  3. An example of how this would present.

Thanks in advance.


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