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2H 2023 Enhanced Rule Handling for ERD

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We are experiencing a major issue because of this release note:

It states the following:
The system now processes the onSave rules based on the order defined in the Manage Business Configuration with the exception that the rules configured for event reason derivation and workflow derivation from the rule scenarios are executed after all the other rules are executed. Previously, the system processed the onSave rules based on the order in which the rules were listed in Manage Business Configuration.


The problem with this is that we have 18 business rules after the event reason derivation rule on job infor and about 6 after the comp ERD rule that depend on what event is on the new record.   We have validations, defaults, etc., in these business rules after ERD has determined what event it is.   We ordered these rules in this manner so that the event would be determined and then the rest would work AFTER the event was determined.

When I do a trace on the business rules, because the job info rules are being processed before the ERD rule, the event is "null" and so it doesn't match any of the if statements where we are checking for what event is on the new record.

I am at a loss at how to fix this.   The only thing I can think of is adding what is already in ERD for deciding what type of event it "should" be to the other business rules which defeats the purpose of having ERD.

All of my business rules are failing because they don't have an event to read.

Anyone else experiencing this and have any ideas?   I have our preferred success rep working on this as well and reaching out about it.


Thanks - Sue


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