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2H 2023 Can't access Learning as user and Course won't load

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We noticed that since the 2H 2023 Release was applied to our test environment, some users who are trying to access "Learning" are getting the following error.

Also, some users that are able to access "Learning" see a blank screen when launching a course.

This was not happening before the 2H 2023 Release was applied to test.

Is anyone having the same issues?

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Hi Karla,

not sure if this will help, but we had similar issues in the past with DNS misconfiguration from our internal network team. Maybe it is worth checking if you can access the LMS and the course with a mobile connection (smartphone hotspot) or with your private wifi.

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Hi Mac,

Thanks for your note. So I created a ticket with SAP and they replied today that the issue was fixed by their Operations team. And I verified everyone can access now.