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1H2024 Preview vs Prod New Release Universal Changes - Unilateral Application of Changes/Features


Hello all. 

While performing initial validation of the Production 1H2024 New Release this morning, a discussion was initiated regarding how certain previously relayed changes have been adjusted without being disclosed in full and regression test allowances made to timelines for impact analysis. 

There were several major feature changes, including permissions and universally applied functionality, which were repealed or adjusted in some fashion in comparison to what was provided in the New Release What's New Viewer following Prev implementation. Not in relation to known issues, but rather, at the behest of customers due to failure to consider impact to customers for universally leveraged changes without the opportunity for change mgmt with sys users. 

We now have only 3 weeks to do complete E2E testing in all mods with various scenarios. This is running concurrently to business process owner exposure and experience sessions to provide insight into election options and new release mandatory feature impact/consideration for the processes they support. 

How are we able to successfully regression test whatever has been changed before application in Prod? Is there a full list of all changes released by a certain date to all customers, or are changes being leveraged up and until Prod implementation? I am aware of patches and known issues, but these changes are to areas that were previously configured as universally mandated or their type was noted as Automatically Applied/Need to Enable. Now their status/type has changed and requires supplemental review and potential application.

The New Org Chart, for instance. It was not enabled in our Prod instance, while the New People Profile was. The best practice recommendation from SF was to enable or disable these two universally applied features in tandem. Yet, they deviated from their own best practice when implementing the Prod New Release. This is a poor practice for updates. This is only one situation encountered this morning, and I'm sure that the E2E post-Prod validation done by our HR customers in various modules will render significantly different results than previously encountered in Prev. This also inhibits successful contingency planning and upends previously communicated business process updates and user expectations. There is also the consideration of change requirement approval/awareness for highly regulated IT systems groups.

This change management approach really needs to be addressed. And soon. We will have customer system confidence impacts due to lack of conveyance, transparency, and cohesive actions at several levels. Any insight into planned improvements and recognition of this issue would be greatly appreciated so we're able to communicate this to our customers. 


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