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This blog post introduces you to the recently published SuccessFactors Implementation Design Principle (SFIDP) document: Employee Central Country Specific – Recording Work Permit information with different document format.... Implementation Design Principle documents are owned and managed by SAP SuccessFactors Product Management who engage and collaborate with select, interested partners along with SAP Professional Service to tap the rich implementation experience that is distilled in the document after a formalized product review process before wider publication. For a complete list of published IDPs, please refer to the IDP publication page Implementation Design Principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions.

This IDP is authored based on experiences from implementations and support situations, specially in Latin America region, to provide guidance and reference to customers and partners who are either in the design stages or looking to review their current permissions setup to improve upon their initial design. This document is relevant not only for new SuccessFactors projects but also to those that are in post go-live support/maintenance.

Functional Requirements:

Some countries may require more than one work document with distinct layouts. Those documents are commonly registered in the Work Permit element. Work Permit element allows the use of custom fields and we can also control the visibility of those fields during the Add New Hire process. The problem is: after the hiring process all fields are visible in Employee Profile.

This will lead the system to show blank/non-relevant fields for all employees in Employee Profile which may cause some confusing and a bad user experience.

Two Solution Approaches:

The IDP proposes two possible solution variants:

  1. Use the standard delivered Work Permit Information element and create a field and rules to minimize data input error.

  2. Use the standard delivered Work Permit for countries with the same format for all documents and a custom MDF object for countries with different document formats.

The following table shows the Pros and Cons identified for each variant.


Variant Pros Cons

1. Standard Work Permit Information for all countries.

2. Native integration from Onboarding or Recruiting Management to EC.
1. User experience is not the best for countries with different document formats. 2. Additional complexity for EC to HCM integration.

1. Countries with different document formats are going to have a better User experience.

2. Less complexity for EC to HCM integration.
1. Onboarding and Recruiting integration not supported.

For all details of each solution proposed please refer to the implementation design principle document


This document Employee Central Country Specific – Recording Work Permit information with different document format... had valuable contribution from SAP SuccessFactors Professional Services towards authoring and include Takashi Taniguchi and Cristian Ocampo.

Takashi Taniguchi Cristian Ocampo

Conclusion/Key Takeaways:

We hope this blog post helped you get acquainted with the basic understanding of the concepts & use cases defined and discussed in the SFIDP.  We recommend you to further explore the document for a full-fledged discussion that will aid you in better product implementation as well as help you align with the industry leading practices. We look forward to your valuable comments/feedback/queries on this blog post.