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Product and Topic Expert
One of the unique advantages we offer our SAP SuccessFactors customers is to “start anywhere, go anywhere”. This allows you to implement the full suite or the various solutions in any order, starting with your greatest pain point and adapting as your company’s needs grow. Some customers start with Core HR, some with talent, and others with recruiting.

And while there’s no right or wrong answer on where to start – it’s important to understand the benefits of moving to a fully integrated approach.

Looking specifically at our customers who are using third-party recruiting and onboarding solutions, there are several key areas to include as you build your business case for bringing your talent acquisition practices into SAP SuccessFactors. Some of the common advantages noted by customers who have gone through this transition include the integration points and automated processes across the solutions, a simplified technology landscape, greater stability and a strategic approach to total talent management, and reduced maintenance and support.

Let’s dig in a bit on the integration points from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to Recruiting to Onboarding…

One of the primary benefits of bringing your talent acquisition practices into SAP SuccessFactors is the ability to take advantage of the existing position data residing in Employee Central. This is a game changer for your recruiters and managers – no more incorrect job codes, position numbers, department numbers, etc. and the amount of manual inputs is significantly reduced. Fields from the position are automatically mapped to the requisition. And the manager can initiate the creation of a job requisition from the position org chart – no need to access another system or manually input the required fields.

Once your candidate accepts the offer, an integration between SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding allows your team to initiate onboarding of the new hire from the candidate pipeline in Recruiting. Required forms are pre-populated with key information, such as start date, pay rate, and position details, helping to ensure accuracy and accelerate the process. And then lastly, an integration point from Onboarding to Employee Central enables the new hire data to flow to Employee Central, automating the creation of the new employee ID within Employee Central.

SAP SuccessFactors Talent Acquistion Data Flow


So how does this integrated approach impact your Talent Management strategy?  

In short, it connects the dots. Total workforce management becomes a reality. A consistent skills framework is used across the board. Recruiting is integrated into total talent management for your hiring managers. Your recruiters have a universal view of talent profiles and increased efficiency with shared data. Your admins have a holistic view to drive strategic outcomes across HR. You have real-time visibility into recruiting performance and its impact on HR performance. And perhaps most important, your future employees have a smooth transition from candidate to new hire to employee.

Your employee experience starts with your candidate and new hire experience – ready to make the connection? Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding.

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