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Digital in a Legal World

We are all writing more but using less paper. Emails, social updates, spreadsheets – all items that used to require printing or perhaps a phone call are all being executed digitally these days. But there is an area that is a little tougher to adapt – anywhere that requires an actual, physical signature.

Enter truesign, a digital signatory software company.

We’ve all been through it. There’s a document that requires our signature. So we print it out, sign it, then scan it, attach it to an e-mail and send it back. All these extra steps take up time, not to mention wasting paper and effecting the environment. And of course, there could be areas where the signature was missed, or the wrong person signed, adding more churn to the process cycle.

Using a cloud-based portal, truesign offers companies a secure, sustainable way to capture digital signatures. Users can sign on their touchscreen mobile devices, or by using a stored signature in a more traditional desktop PC. Documents can be processed from anywhere without having to look for a pen. Customers can also opt for a ‘sign here’ function, so that required review areas don’t get missed. Who says that saving the planet isn’t good business?

Running Digital Inhouse

The company’s operation in Sao Paulo, Brazil needed an equally innovative way to handle their challenges in Human Resources. Fostering talent and increasing employee engagement were requirements for the small, nimble firm; and to achieve these goals, they partnered with an expert: Intelligenza. Evaluating their requirements and potential for growth, they decided to implement SAP SuccessFactors to address their HR needs.


The SAP SuccessFactors Jam social software platform provides a collaboration tool where employees can work together to resolve customer issues. In addition, they can remain informed about company events and other initiatives. Truesign has seen a 50% improvement in the time it takes to resolve their customers’ technical issues due to this innovative change.

Utilization of the performance evaluation software has reduced the effort to provide feedback on employee performance and has given visibility into education possibilities. Managers are now empowered to reward high performers and develop their teams.

With the help and guidance of Intelligenza, deployment took 2 weeks! The integration partner was key to maximizing truesign’s investment and accelerating their return. The improvements have been quite impressive, from faster service delivery to increased customer satisfaction.

The Future is Bright

Companies like truesign are great examples of how innovative ideas lead to sustainable solutions. Their great idea has evolved into a nimble company with a great product that is good for the planet.

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