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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We all know it - it's an information jungle out there. What started out as a good intention to provide everyone with information about everything has become an information overload. But not to worry, or as we say in Germany: "Du musst nicht alles wissen, du musst nur wissen wo es steht." This translates as roughly: "You don't need to know everything, you only need to know where it's written."

In this blog I would like to help you find where it's written. We have great guides and instructions out there and I want to show you Where to find What.

There is also a Webinar scheduled about this topic for July 19th (register here), and if you missed it we will have a recording available on the Info Center Adoption Series page. It covers the same topics as this blog.

Don't worry, Wilma will help

Good news is, there is a lot of content out there about SAP Enable Now.

Different teams are working on different topics and although the SAP teams do coordinate, the content ends up in different places. Feedback from our customers was that they are sometimes confused about where to look for what.

Our avatar Wilma will guide you.

So we came up with a decision tree to help customers figure out where to go look for answers, information, and helpful guides. Click on the link to open the Where to Find What page.

The three categories of the Decision Tree

We created 3 categories into which almost all of the common questions fall. Depending on your role and experience level, you will find the right answer in on of the categories. This is what the first level looks like:

Ask what the Decision Tree can do for you

Of course this decision tree is meant to help you and not be another place where information is stored. To make our intention more clear, please read about what we meant this to be and what not.

What the decision tree can do for you:

  • Guide you, depending on the type of inquiry you have, to the right place to find out more

  • Provide links to the most frequently used help sources

  • Help you decide whom to reach out to with your inquiry

It's not meant to:

Need some examples?

Here are some example questions and how they might be categorized:

When you click on the "I want to get started..." button, it will lead you to another page with link on it to help you further. The same happens when you click on the other two options, with different pages behind them of course.

Here is a sneak peek into the first page:

* The Customer Success Partner (former CEE) role is currently available for Cloud customers only.

If you have some questions or feedback to share, please leave a comment underneath this blog. Here is the link again:

I hope this overview blog article helped you see the value of this page and that it will help you find the right place to look for answers.

Take care,