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Product and Topic Expert

Many of you have heard that SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 (the original Onboarding) is approaching the end of life.  While we wait for the formal announcement with dates coming in the next several weeks, you might have a few questions.  The fact is, Onboarding 1.0 will go offline in the future. There are many reasons to move to the new Onboarding sooner than later.

The new Onboarding shares the same platform and codebase as Employee Central.  This eliminates all of the duel maintenance that comes with Onboarding 1.0.  No longer will you have two corporate structures, two security systems, and maintain two field sets and picklists.  Redundant configuration becomes a thing of the past. The new Onboarding brings a new life of consistent user experience that can bring your organization a lower operating cost.

As you begin the thought process of migration, here are several items to consider.  First, if you have not seen a recent demo of the new Onboarding, you can watch it here. As you watch the demo, remember that the two systems are vastly different. In fact, moving to the new Onboarding allows the SAP SuccessFactors product team to stretch the concept of what new hires want and what companies need.  Not to mention, you have complete configuration control in the front end of the software. To get you thinking more about what your organization might need in the new Onboarding, we encourage organizations to complete a Transition Planning Workbook. This will allow you to take an inventory of what Onboarding 1.0 contains today and how it might fit in the new Onboarding system.

A transition to the new Onboarding may seem daunting, but with careful planning and internal support, it can be much easier than you think. Take some time to watch this webinar on Transitioning to the New Onboarding to get insight into the process.

Have you already moved to the new Onboarding?  Let us know your thoughts on the process and how the system works by sharing your comments.