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A license can be applied on any of the servers included in the license request that has administrator privileges. This license will then apply to all the servers that were connected at the time of the request. The administrator should have privileges to request and apply licenses for all the servers in the farm.
There are two aspects to a Service Optimization license:

Resources: The number of resources, such as engineers, that your installation will support in its database. This includes all engineers, those that are active and those that are not active. If you add more engineers than allowed by your license, warnings will be generated and at some point you will be prevented from adding more engineers.
Time Period: The time period to which this license applies, and after which it will no longer be valid. You should request another license before this time period expires, as described in this chapter. If the time period expires all functionality will cease except for the ability to request a license.


Some activities related to the underlying hardware/software platform on which the Service Optimization server is running can cause a license to become invalid. In such case the system administrator would be required to issue a new Licensing request from the affected platform and receive a new license file.


The following table shows the effect of changes to the license:


Activity License Invalidated Comments
Operating system security patch No
Operating system Service Pack No
Change of Computer Name No
Change of Computer IP No
Change of HW platform or any part there of e.g. network adaptor, screen adaptor) Yes

Depends on the

change, must be tested per each change
VMware upgrade Yes

Upgrade of the

virtual HW will cause the license to become invalid
Change of Database Instance No