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With the business world turned upside down, everything, including how we learn, is changing quickly. As SAP teams work to deliver the training you need, our learners have taught us about creativity and their ability to adapt.

The coronavirus is forcing us to approach just about every aspect of our lives differently. And although most of us are not on the front lines fighting this pandemic, SAP’s training teams are working hard to support customers who are feeling its impact.

In the process, we’ve learned a lot about learning and how technology, creativity, and awesome people are keeping the learning process going. Here are the real-life lessons we’ve learned from our customers about adjusting to new learning challenges.

Together we can do “super awesome” things. As the coronavirus situation unfolded, one of SAP’s leaders suggested that the letters “SAP” might represent something else ꟷ super awesome people. Not just SAP, but our entire ecosystem is doing awesome things we never thought possible. For example, with our Q2 schedule packed with on-site training, we collaborated to transition 70% of the learners scheduled on-site learners to SAP Live Class. That’s more than 2,000 courses in Q2 alone. Rest assured this collaboration will continue to keep you moving forward.
Have an open mind. One of our oil industry customers resisted virtual learning because they were concerned about security, and they weren’t convinced our instructors could engage their employees effectively in a virtual setting. Keeping an open mind, they agreed to a test in which our team proved the benefits of SAP Live Class. Additionally, they gave us the opportunity to address their privacy concerns and demonstrate that our content and instructors are more than up to the challenge.
Training software is versatile. To keep their employees safe, a multinational retailer wanted to make sure its store employees understood the risks of working in the store, knew how use protective PPEs, and understood their COVID-19 health and safety procedures. Given the urgency of the situation they needed to do it quickly! Working remotely our teams got creative, taking advantage of the versatility of SAP Enable Now to provide training to the employees working in their stores.
It's possible to "see" what your people need. Like so many businesses, a large utility customer needed to transform its call center into a remote workforce. With so many people working in so many different locations, it would seem impossible to understand who is struggling, and how they could be helped. With data from the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa, the utility has been able to bring its remote workforce up to speed and pinpoint areas to devote its learning and IT support efforts.
Learning has unseen benefits. With its employees facing so much uncertainty, an insurance provider wanted to reassure their employees by offering support in the form of cloud-based training. SAP Learning Hub is enabling the business and its employees to make the best of this time to build their SAP expertise and prepare for what comes next.

As businesses evolve in this upside-down world, people are finding new ways to connect, to share, to learn from each other. SAP’s training and adoption team is at the cutting edge of this new learning revolution. Guided by our learners, we’re finding creative ways to use our training and technology expertise to turn new ideas into best practices, and you will be the first beneficiaries.