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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Today, the experience that companies create for their employees is more important than ever. And while Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions deliver great value to companies, they don’t usually deliver a great experience for the user. That’s why SuccessFactors is staking out the Human Experience Management (HXM) market, with a focus on valuing each employee for who they are and delivering what they need to do their best work, which drives better business results. If you are interested in finding out more, check out 5 Reasons Why Human Experience Management is the Future of HR.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning is dedicated to supporting people in doing their best work and growing in ways that are important to them, and to meeting them where they are, in the flow of their work days. With the 1H 2020 release we optimized the user interface for Learning administrators to make their lives easier. In the upcoming (2H 2020) release we have turned our attention to experience improvements for the learner.

Introduced in Q3 of 2018, the opt-in Course Home experience reimagines the way learners view information about the courses they are considering, as well as interacting with the courses they are completing. Course Home simplifies registration for instructor-led courses, allows courses to be launched in place, with no dreaded “Don’t close this window” messages, and places the information users most want squarely front and center.

Now in the 2H 2020 release we have extended Course Home’s support of in-person training and e-learning courses to include blended courses as well. We redesigned the way users launch and complete a blended course on mobile, tablet, and web-based platforms to improve the user experience for Learning. This includes updates to the way a learner registers for a class and launches the online content for a blended course.

Course Home’s design was based on extensive user research, with the aim to achieve enhanced discoverability by

  • Showing most important information right at the top of the course banner

  • Presenting related courses, programs, and curricula as the user scans for additional information

  • Exploring the details of a course in an engaging way



A learner is able to find upcoming classes and the course agenda. A snapshot of upcoming classes, the time investment required and credits granted are prominently placed and more thorough details follow.


We’ve made it much easier to find the best schedule option and to better understand how the course fits into one’s overall learning strategy. Users can easily:

  • Find substitute options

  • Discover what broader learning initiatives this course is a part of

  • Act on relevant recommendations

  • Review the daily schedule and instructor details.



Direct on-screen warning of conflicts and dwindling availability help the learner make the right decisions quickly.


Registration to courses is pleasingly simple now as learners can:

  • Easily identify when and where the course will be held

  • Get a confirmation and reminder that one is registered

  • Check-In with a personal attendance QR code—right from one’s mobile device.



We have also optimized the launch and completion of the online component of a blended course.  Based on course design and configuration, the learner can:

  • Launch the online content directly from the course details without the need to navigate to a different screen

  • Launch the content within the current experience, without the need for multiple windows and with simple navigation back when completed

  • Review progress against the content structure or use the full screen view to maximize the content workspace.



We’ll deliver the new experience across all platforms, including Web, iOS and Android native apps, as well as ensure the web experience is responsive for users of tablet devices. While we’re very happy with this important step forward in our support of various course types on Course Home, we’re also planning further updates so that all resource types can be presented in our reimagined UI.

Interested in more information on 2H2020 release highlights? Check out the Learning Release Highlights Video and explore more Release Information at our customer community. You can find a list of all enhancements on the What's New Viewer.

Margit Bauer, Director Solution Marketing for SAP SuccessFactors Learning