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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

We have a series of Micro learning Videos created for you to Watch and Learn which is dedicated to CX SalesCloud video tutorials intended for everyone that wants to learn in general to SAP Commissions.

Below Videos are related to RestAPI' s, WebIDE for HANA, SDI , SCA and CDL .

Hope you enjoy the video content, and learn something new..   (Click on Header links to watch)

Introducing API's

REST API Authorization with SAP Commissions


Introducing Web IDE

Key Features of Smart Data Integration on SAP Commissions

Introduction to Smart Data Integration on SAP Commissions

Data Importing HANA Tools in SAP Commissions

Introducing Data Provisioning Task Monitor

Transferring Data to the TCMP Schema

Finding and Interpreting Import Logs in SAP Commissions

Introducing Sample Stories for embedded analytics in SAP Commissions

CDL SFTP SETUP - SAP Commissions

CDL Global and File Settings - SAP Commissions

CDL Populating Templates - SAP Commissions

CDL Uploading Files to Secure Dropbox - SAP Commissions

CDL Validating and Transferring Files - SAP Commissions

How to Undo Last Post and Last Finalize Runs

Update Data Models in embedded analytics for SAP Commissions

Finding and Interpreting Import Logs

GDPR for Administrators


This video series is sponsored by CX Enablement Team.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or want to send us your feedback.


Thanks for watching, I really appreciate your feedback and comments.