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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As of 2H 2020 release any custom column built in a Compensation template can have its value made visible or greyed out for specific employees based on Eligibility rules design.



A common use case for this feature would be the following : an international company wants to display the "Number of Leave of Absence days" to compensation planners in a custom column of the merit cycle worksheet but the laws of one country (France) do not allow it.

In that case we could check the setting "Enable Eligibility Rules" for that custom column (see first screenshot below) which would then allow us to build a rule the following way : {if employee's country = France} then {grey out the value "Number of Leave of Absence Days" for all employees in France}, otherwise {display the value for "Number of Leave of Absence Days}.


Use Case

Please click here to view another use case where SAP unlocked the full potential of this feature to provide a customer with complex bonus plans with only 1 year-end planning worksheet instead of 7.








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