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Prior to b2211 all Email addresses have been reported at People Analytics within the object “Email Information”. However, to honor the correct permission handling a change became necessary. From b2211 onwards a new object “Business Email Information” was introduced at People Analytics which is dedicated to report the employee’s Business Email address. If it’s still required to report business Email addresses within existing people analytics reports, it’s required to use the new object.


Employee Central offers the possibility to grant permissions separately for (1) business email addresses and (2) any other email addresses, see Figure 1:

Usage_of_Email_Addresses_in_Reporting_1.jpgFigure 1 – Permission Settings under “Employee Data” for Email and Business Email Addresses

Employee Central uses the external picklist code as 'B', 'B2' and 'B3' to differentiate Business emails and Personal Emails for RBP purposes, see Figure 2.


Figure 2 – Picklist values considered as business eMail Types

Up to b2211 these permissions were not handled properly in all 3 reporting technologies, i.e. story, canvas and table reporting. It worked like this:

Permission for Email Information granted

Permission for Business Email Information granted

Behavior in People profile

Behavior in reporting



All Email types are shown

All Email types are reported



Only Personal Email types are shown

All Email types are shown



Only Business Email types are shown

No Email types are shown



No Email types are shown

No Email types are reported


Solution for People Analytics

To honor this permission behavior at People Analytics a new object “Business Email Information” was introduced with b2211.


 Figure 3 Report schema for the reporting of Email addresses

“Business Email Information” contains all Email Types with related external picklist code 'B', 'B2' and 'B3' while “Email Information” provides all other Email Types.


Figure 4 Email types which are provided with object “Business Email Information”

If it’s required to report Business Emails, then it will be necessary to adjust reports by adding the new object. If the Business Email Information object is missing given aforesaid configurations, it may need a Refresh of the reporting metadata. Please reach out to SAP Product Support for assistance.

Usage of Business Email at Table and Canvas Reporting

In both reporting technologies no separate object as we have in People Analytics was introduced and therefore also no report changes are needed.

The reason is the following: In both, canvas and table reporting separate reporting entities for each email type are generated. E.g. if in an instance 3 email types are configured, such as “Personal”, “Business” (with external picklist code “B”) and “BusinessB2” (with external picklist code “B2”), then you will find 3 separate metadata objects in Canvas Reporting and also separate fields under “Person Info” in the respective sub domain schema for Table Reporting (e.g. fields as “Personal Email Information Email address", "Personal Email Information Is Primary", …., Business Email Information Email address", " Business Email Information Is Primary", ….).

While the permission behavior described above was introduced for table reporting with b2211, it’s planned to adjust the correct permission handling also for canvas reporting for b2305.

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