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Product and Topic Expert
In today's ever-changing digital world, the Human Resources (HR) function has become increasingly vital to the success of organizations. HR departments are responsible for curating the employment brand, ensuring compliance, and supporting the overall business strategy with people. As such, the ability to gather and analyze data on HR processes is critical to achieving optimal performance.

This is where process intelligence (aka: process mining) comes into play. Process intelligence refers to the ability to capture, analyze, and understand the data generated by a particular process. This data can provide valuable insights into how the process is functioning, identify bottlenecks, and suggest improvements. In the context of HR, process intelligence can be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes and improve overall business outcomes.

Here are some ways HR could benefit from process intelligence:

  • Streamlining recruitment processes

Recruiting is one of the most critical functions of HR, and the recruitment process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With process intelligence, HR can analyze every stage of the recruitment process - from initiating a job requisitions to onboarding the new-hires - identifying potential areas of improvement. This helps HR to streamline the process, improve the candidate experience, reduce recruitment costs, and improve the time-to-hire.

  • Increasing HR process and solution adoption

Many HR organizations want to move away from completing administrative tasks to becoming a value-adding function and introduce self-service capabilities for business users (employees and managers) so they can manage their own data and trigger HR processes. Process intelligence can support to provide insight to what extent these processes are adopted in the organization and what are the root causes for problems in the workflow.

  • Improving employee engagement

Process intelligence can help HR teams understand how employees interact with HR processes, such as performance management and feedback mechanisms. This data can provide insights into employee engagement and help HR tailor processes to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

  • Enhancing compliance

HR is responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with employment laws and regulations, as well as internal guidelines. Process intelligence can help HR track compliance-related data, such as training and certification records, and identify areas of non-compliance. For example, it can quickly identify cases where the recruiting process fails to meet minimum screening requirements prior to extending an offer. This information can help HR proactively address compliance issues and avoid costly (legal) consequences.

These examples illustrate just a few of the ways in which process intelligence can create value based on data in your HR system - but to unlock this value, you'll need a tool.


SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and SAP SuccessFactors

The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite is a powerful suite of tools designed to help organizations improve their business processes. SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite
is a suite of solutions for process and journey modeling, process analysis and mining, governance, and automated execution.

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite

SAP SuccessFactors utilizes SAP Signavio Process Manager to document its industry-leading processes, all of which are available in the SAP SuccessFactors process library. This library is accessible to SAP SuccessFactors partners and customers through the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub in the SAP Signavio Process Explorer.

Moreover, the solutions in the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite are seamlessly integrated with the process mining capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. This solution comes with a standard accelerator to connect to SAP SuccessFactors, which utilizes the OData API framework to extract data from your SAP SuccessFactors instance. Additionally, templates are available to expedite the analysis of your processes. For instance, in the case of SAP SuccessFactors, a template named “Attract and Acquire” is available for analyzing the candidate selection process in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Once the data from SuccessFactors has been extracted and transformed into an event log, the process data is now ready for investigation. This can be accomplished through the use of a dashboard that displays a variety of widgets, such as:

  • Process Discovery

Get full visibility on how your processes are executed, identify most common process paths, and main activities and behaviors in your organization.

Identify long cycle times, loops, issues and main inefficiencies for each path.

  • Process Conformance

Check process conformance by linking your investigation to a process model in the Process Manager and mapping it against your real process execution.

Get a better understanding if the behaviors are compliant with guidelines in your organization or legal regulations in your industry.

  • Process Performance Indicators

Monitor your performance with pre-defined metrics in the metrics library and define additional metrics for your process.

The values of metrics are determined with preconfigured queries.

In conclusion, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is a valuable tool for companies using SAP SuccessFactors to gain deeper insights into their HR process execution and improve organizational performance. By leveraging process intelligence capabilities, HR can streamline recruitment, Increase HR process and solution adoption, improve candidate and employee experience, enhance compliance, optimize service delivery, and improve workforce planning. As a result, HR can support the organization's business goals and drive overall success.

Would you like to deploy SAP Signavio Process Intelligence in your SAP SuccessFactors environment? Check out our Business Process Optimization service for cloud solutions to discover how our team of SAP experts can help you kickstart your journey towards optimization. Reach out to your customer success partner or e-mail SAP Signavio Services to get more information.